miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2018

Jacques Cousteau

We're back!! ☺
This term we have been working on the sea project where we investigate about different criatures, animals, plants... but also about different authors who take or took care of the sea in a moment of their lifes. 
To highlight the job of Jacques Cousteau we create a big poster which is part of the exposition we have in the school these days. We made it in coordination with the teachers of 1st A and 1st B grades who record our students talking about the main hits of Jacques Cousteau's life. 
From our arts and science subjects we create different sea animals using paper plates that we colour and decorate using glitter and other materials. 

We are so proud! Hope you are too. 
See you soon. 

miércoles, 7 de febrero de 2018

Vertebrates or invertebrates?

Students from 4th grade were working on animals too, but in this case, about vertebrates and invertebrates. We made a pacman in order to make questions and have a review on different animal-groups and body parts. 

We loved it! And what is more, we were speaking in English what was absolutely great!! 💈🗽

Sea project

It's been long time since last time, but we have been working on plenty of things. 
Here we want to show you our last craft: a baby-octopus. As we are working on a sea project, we are learning animals from the sea also in English, and this is one of them. 
Hope you like it!

See you soon 😎

jueves, 14 de diciembre de 2017

Starry Night, Vicent Van Gogh

These are my little ones! 😍
Here you can see their "Starry Night Productions"
And it's not because they're my students, but it's been great!!
I'm so proud of them! 😄

jueves, 30 de noviembre de 2017

Magosto's decorations

On December the 1st, we are going to cellebrate our magosto, it means, our chestnut festival. For that reason, we create some hedgehogs with leaves and with finger prints in order to help with the decoration of the school's hall. 
That was a great activity and children enjoy it a lot!
Don't you think they are the sweetest animals you've ever seen? 💗

Piet Mondrian's Abstract Paintings

Here you can see some of our students from 3rd Course and their abstract productions during the arts lesson. We investigated some information about the artist Piet Mondrian and using our ruler, our pencil and the three primary colours (blue, yellow and red) we created these amazing pictures. 
Do you like them? 

lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

Kandinsky's Concentric Circles

These are our last productions. We were working on Kandinsky and we tried to reproduce his paintings by means of circles made using colour pappers and colour crayons. 
Hope you like them! 🎨✏

On this video you can learn some information about the artist! 😉

viernes, 10 de noviembre de 2017

Dinos, an English Play

Last Tuesday (7th November) in the school gym, we enjoyed a play in English in which from a dinosaur egg, the little Diny was born, after Crandy's and Cretney's adventures. 
We LoVe iT! 💗

jueves, 9 de noviembre de 2017

Starry Night

Here we are again!
This time making some ARTist Compositions. 
We were working in 5th Grade the Vicent Van Gogh Starry Night and these are our copies. 
They are REALLY GOOD, don't you think so?

martes, 31 de octubre de 2017

More about Halloween

Here you can see more Halloween crafts! 
A model of mosaic combined with some coloured halloween pictures 🎃👻 

Halloween song

Hello everyone!!
Today, as it is Halloween Day, we want to share with you one song that one of our students and his dad edit about the "This is Halloween Song". 
Hope you enjoy it 😉

lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017

Halloween Gymkhana

This is the result of our Halloween Gymkhana. We made it during this and last week by looking for the different pieces in the school and in the playground. 

Each course found their "5 clues" everyday at the playground-time and we all together compose the whole. 

It was a really fun activity!!! 
And with it we want to wish you Happy Halloween! 🎃👻

sábado, 28 de octubre de 2017

Halloween puppets

These days we have been working on Halloween festivity. 
Look at our halloween hand puppets! 
We love them, don't you?